Positive Psychology in practice

We all experience moments when we feel that the "real me" is in action and we are charged with energy and passion for life. These are the moments most of us would like to last for ever. Yet often, when people find themselves feeling they are at the beginning of something great it doesn't last for so long - soon the enthusiasm dwindles and life as usual resumes.

The science of Positive Psychology looks into the habits that support a flourishing life over time and not only as passing happy moments. According to its ever-expanding research, what such a state requires are intentional activities, a way of life, that provides one steadily with both pleasure and meaning!

Our vision is to transfer to the public this cutting edge scientific knowledge and its applications in order to help individuals, communities and organizations be their best and thrive.

We design and deliver innovative workshops that introduce participants to activities, mindsets and conditions that support a flourishing lifestyle. Participants have the opportunity to explore, identify and work on activities which are best suited for themselves. Our workshops are higly engaging and always aim that participants leave with some solid knowledge and experience that can be readily applied in their everyday life.


Our workshops have been funded by the Big Lottery Fund!



"You are doing a fantastic job in getting people together to learn new ways and experiences."

Monica A.